What and who are
The Friends of Dorothy?

The Friends of Dorothy (FroDo) is a Helsinki-based queer human rights a capella singing group founded in 2018.

The elements of our concert are song, performance and spoken word. FroDo’s song repertoire ranges from folk songs sung in minority languages ​​through art music to Eurovision pop.

The texts of spoken word come directly from people living on the margins of society. The stories offer the public a view of the reality of people whose well-being and rights are limited by both dysfunctional legislation and negative attitudes.

FroDo’s attitude is lyrical punk.

Kim Gustafsson’s slogan an hour before the gig is “Jag kommer aldrig att hinna.” (I will never make it on time.) At this point, Kim goes to buy herself performance trousers. Kim is also an actor and a theatre director. Kim is also an actor and theater director.

Salla lähikuva

Salla Markkanen thinks and sings high, and she always sides with the underdog. Salla is also a theater musician and a professional in musical improvisation. And behind most of Frodo’s arrangements.

Petriikka Pohjanheimo goes to bed first. She is also the first to wake up, often at the times when others are finishing their afterparty. Petriikka is also an actor.

Mikko lähikuva

Mikko Rantonen is good at everything but not the best or he can do everything but is not good at anything. Or well, he can throw discus. And be a manager. System manager.

Aleksi Vasko smiles innocently, gets off at the corners of Kallio on Saturday evening and disappears into the hummy, foggy night. Aleksi is also a music teacher and cellist.